A Little More About Our Services
White Background Photography
White Background Photography is our all-round service and is a standard within the eCommerce industry. It's our most budget friendly option and is the perfect product photography solution for your online shop as well as eCommerce stores like Amazon, eBay and Etsy.
Dynamic Photography
 Dynamic Photography is the step up from our White Background and Jewellery Photography services. With this service we take your product photography to the next level and create truly unique and eye catching images with the use complex compositions and lighting as well as extensive retouching and professional Photoshop techniques, while still staying within the eCommerce guidelines of site such as Amazon.
The perfect service to ensure your products stand out from the crowd on your online shop, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and more. 
Creative and Studio Lifestyle Photography
Creative and Lifestyle photos are the way to go if you're looking to stand out online and separate yourself from the competition. They're also the perfect way to add your brands style stamp to your images.
Our creative and lifestyle photos focus on small arrangements that can be taken in the studio, shoots that requires us to travel to locations, construct large sets or use full body models are not available with this service, we can however simulate these environments for you using our stock photo compilations service (below).
Stock Photo Compilations
With this service we take professional photos of your product in our purpose built studio which we then combine in Photoshop with high-quality licensed stock photography. It’s a great way to show your product in a huge variety of settings without the high cost or time consuming nature of going on location.
Clothing Photography
Our professional clothing photography service is centred around the eye catching skill of invisible mannequin photography. We use specialised mannequins with removable appendages, along with professional retouching techniques to give your clothing the appearance, fit and shape of being worn, but without the distractions or high costs visible mannequins and models. It's the closet thing to customers seeing your clothing in person. 

Jewellery Photography

We take the time to analyse your jewellery and tailor what we do to your specific items. We use specialist lighting techniques, a high quality macro lens for extreme closeup detail, and couple it all with extensive high-end professional editing to make sure your jewellery's unique features shine. 

Group Photography

Group shots are what you'll need if you're looking to have a photo that contains more than 5 items. They're also a great way to demonstrate an entire collection of products in one image. Products are photographed together on a pure white background and include shadows and reflections for no extra cost.

Perfect for banner shots, brochures, and highlighting your special offers on your website or e-newsletter.

Text and Picture Infographics
Text and Picture Infographics are a great way to draw your customers attention to key information about your products unique or hidden features. We like to style our infographics to get across the needed information about your product quickly and in an interesting way. 


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