Clothing Product Photography: Invisible Mannequin Photography

Here at YourProductShot, one of the most popular services we provide is invisible mannequin photography, also know as ghost mannequin photography.

This technique is now considered the industry standard for clothing websites, and for a good reason, but just because it's an industry standard, it doesn't mean your photos have to be standard.

Our clothing photography isn't just another automated process, we take the time to carefully steam each of your garments, before ensuring a perfect fit for our mannequin through the use of clothing pegs, acetate sheets and on occasion even some double sided tape.

Another benefit of our clothing photography service is accurate colour representation, with professionally calibrated screens along with colour correcting equipment, we ensure you can increase sales and remove those dreaded returns dues to inaccurate representation.

The attention to detail we bring to each photo takes a little longer, but it means our results are not your standard, and ensure that your clothing will stand out and sell more.

We often photograph clothing for clients that up until finding us, are photographing their apparel either flat lay or just simply on a hanger.

And while these styles will get you so far, and give a general view of the item, to increase conversion rates you need to give customers the necessary insight into your clothing's fit and shape, something only achievable when being worn.

Live models are of course an option and will help customers to envision themselves wearing your clothing, but they're expensive, and often not very cost effective, and this is where invisible mannequins come in.

Invisible mannequins fill out clothing like it's being worn, but without the distractions and cost of live models.

I've put here a blog from Shopify that goes into more detail on the pros and cons of live models, mannequins and invisible mannequins, which should help you make a decision on which style will suit you and your brand if you're feeling unsure.

Our invisible mannequin service gives your clothing the appearance that it's being worn, and allows you to show off your clothing's shape and fit without the distraction of a visible mannequin, and without the expensive costs of live models. With the other benefits of choosing us being consistency and speed.

Our white background invisible mannequin photos ensure that customers' attention is initially drawn to and remains on your clothing with no distractions, leading potential customers to what makes your apparel unique.

As an example I've put below a typical unprofessional flat lay phone snap vs one of our professional attention to detail invisible mannequin photos. Which would you buy?

If you're interested invisible mannequin photography then feel free to get in touch for a free nonobligatory quote, and why not enquire about our free trial? This service is again totally nonobligatory and will allow you to see what your clothing will look like with us as your photographer.

For this process, just send us one of your items of clothing, we'll photograph it for free, if you like it then we can arrange payment and photograph the rest of your clothing, and if not then we can arrange to have your clothing returned, and that's it! It's simple, quick and entirely risk free, you only have something to gain from our free trial.

Check out our website for more details on pricing and get in touch for free to find out what we can do for your business and clothing.

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