What are your business goals for 2020? The New Year is a great prompt to motivate a review of your business’ achievements and where you want your business to be this time next year.

Ensuring you set and review goals throughout the year is the only way to measure your progress, and it’s a great move to achieving even more. We’ve popped together some top tips to help the goal setting process…

1. Focus on measuring Advertisement Engagement rather than just increasing your advertising randomly

It is hugely important that you spend your money, time and resources in the right place. While print advertising is often tricky to measure, the internet (THE LARGEST AND FASTEST SELLING PLATFORM!) allows the ability to track the progress of your advertisements.

A simple sign-up to Google Ads and a quick YouTube tutorial into how to use the program is all you need to get started. Google Ads shows how many people your advert has reached and the ‘conversion’ rate (how many people chose to look further into your ad).

Now, if you already know all of this, fantastic! Now it’s time to review your best and worst ads and Key Words and make those harsh cuts and replace your worst performers with fresh, new content. Ensure your adverts are properly targeted with the best key words for your product and industry (TIP: actually ASK your customers what they searched for when looking for you!)

2. Improve Engagement per Advertisement Spend

It goes without saying that you look at things that are interesting to you – whether intentional or unintentional. It’s great news if your customers intended to come across your advert, but even better if they didn’t and are newly interested potential customers because of your fantastic advert.

The key to advertising is IMAGERY! Having bold, eye-catching imagery is the answer to improving engagement – whether that be print, social media, or other online advertising.

Get in touch today with our team at YourProductShot to discuss your needs and vision for your products and we can work with you to help take your product to the next stage!

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3. Consider Revamping and Refreshing Your Campaigns

While fresh, clean white background photography is paramount to showcasing your product digitally, it’s also important to consider fully realised advertising campaigns to really boost sales and success.

Lifestyle and Creative photography are perfect for creating a story that customers can relate to and that inspire and encourage them to make a purchase – this is true for both new clients and repeat business.

It’s a great idea to make an effort towards synchronising a fresh, bold marketing message for your product, with advertisements which reflect this (text, imagery, location within the advert, etc.)

Whether you know the exact vision for your next campaign and just need us to reflect this in images you have already dreamed up, or whether you need help generating new ideas – we will deliver images which showcase your product at its very best with imagery that’s both professional and enticing. Get in touch to plan your next photoshoot with YourProductShot.

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